Always do right--this will gratify some and astonish the rest.

-Mark Twain


We are a Fiduciary Consulting firm whose focus is in the BD (Broker Dealer) space.

Supervising Reps under FINRA & SEC consume enough of your time, now you have the added burden of intensified pressure from the DOL & IRS concerning the ERISA business your reps are involved with. After a recent meeting we had with the Employee Plan Examination Division of the I.R.S. we have enhanced our REAP ( Reg. Rep. ERISA Assessment Program).

This program not only ensures your reps are being properly supervised while they work on Retirement plans, it will also help them compete more effectively for new Retirement plan business.


ERISA is a complex space and if we have learned one thing with all the regulatory changes taking place, is ERISA is both a contact & TEAM sport. Using the MIRA METHOD, together we can help you develop your identity and grow your ERISA practice to be a perfect complement to your existing business.